A next level collection - bridging boundaries

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Evoluzion Life is a 3D Generative Art NFT Collection on Elrond Network

The distinct 3333 NFT collection contains in equal proportion 3 types of Evoluzionists: primates - humans - cyborgs 

Having as main theme Evolution the dope Art has also beside it: tech projects, integrations and utility.

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Builders on Elrond

Evoluzion is being built on Elrond at internet scale. We chose Elrond as Home of our NFT collection, not only because its tech advancements in the NFT space,  but also due to the network specs which can accommodate our whole ecosystem of projects.

Some of our reasons for choosing Elrond:



Carbon negative

08. Vasilica Rocker.png
09. Vasilica Fermier.png
07. Vasilica Rege - 8K.png

We are Primates


03. Alex Trupele Speciale.png
02. Alex Doctor.png
08. Alex Hanorac Puf + Sapca Baseball-min.png

We are Humans

Ecosystem Architects

Starting with a collection that bridges the boundaries between ART and TECH - Evoluzion Life initiates the avalanche of continuous progress. From 0 to 1, like in the beginning was dark and out of darkness light sparked: we are growing the ecosystem and platforms on which the Evoluzion Heroes will play an important role. 

NFT staking & token allocation

Contribution to the tech projects

Governance & DAO 

Utility Visionaries

Change is the base layer of Evoluzion. It's what makes us special, the reason why we look and act unique. Here, at Evoluzion Labs, our life vision is to dedicate all resources in the spirit of improvement. 

We understand the current state of the world - where everything is dynamic and in continuous change. Tremendous opportunities surrounds us: Blockchain, DeFi and Metaverse just to name a few. Innovation and dedication are our tools.

Evoluzion is building a network of strategical platforms and owning an avatar not only supports this, but makes you part of the projects.

15. Andrei Astronaut - Alpha CH.png
06. Andrei Ochelari VR.png

We are Cyborgs


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Acquiring an Evoluzion Hero doesn't only make you Part of History, but it also makes you part of the persistent expansion of the project. The only constant is change and we are here to make an impact! 

It has all began with a big boom and it's not going to end with a whimper as long as we are here.

Things are evolving and so are we. Initiate the EvoluzionLife boom. 

The utility is ever expanding and can be followed up closely in our real time Roadmap.

The community is playing an important role and each Hero has a strong voice, especially since the whole project is built around developing an ecosystem. Thus, the NFT collection is going to play a crucial role in the further developed projects by Evoluzion. Besides this, each Hero NFT is going to have specific perks in the ecosystem and beyond.

Stay tuned, read more in our live Roadmap and get involved!

Let's make an impact. Initiate the #Evoluzion.


It takes the world's best talent

to change the world.

15. Andrei Astronaut - Alpha CH.png

Utility- Road Map


Evoluzion Genetics

Genetics are behind all of our characteristics and determine every aspect of our life. It's the language in which our life is written. Similarly, the Evoluzion Heroes posses different traits and attributes. 

Humans must obey the same rules - everybody is equal. Every mum says its child is the sweetest and smartest. That's totally true! However, in the lottery of genetics some persons are more blessed than others and for one moment in time- the chosen one will change the world forever.

Exactly in this spirit, each Evoluzion Hero posses a different genetical material. Each one of them is unique- there is no other Hero alike. Destiny and Genetics play a key role in each of their lives and their quest to change the world.






Prime Primate

Head of ART 

Evoluzion Champ


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Reached Consensus


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Community Lead


Community Lead

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Evoluzionist Heroes










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Evoluzion Museum