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4th Staking Pool is LIVE : $ZPAY

About ZoidPay

ZoidPay is a crypto liquidity platform enabling instant card issuance for purchases at any merchant at the lowest fees. ZoidPay was established in Cyprus in May 2018 as a blockchain company focused on making crypto payments easy for everyone, driving adoption to web 3.0 financial services.

ZPAY is the utility token and constitutes one of the core components in the company thesis of being the place to "Shop Anything from Anywhere with Crypto"- The go-to open architecture for building the next generation of #Web3 financial services on @ElrondNetwork.

We are glad to add in this way the ZPAY token in our community and initiate the 4th staking pool with this utility token. The community has voted for this action in a telegram Pool.

You can find the staking pool and delegate your #Evoluzionists on the Eneftor platform at the following link:

So far there are 4 Staking Pools:

$ZPAY pool at this 👉 Link

$LKMEX pool at this 👉 Link

$WATER pool at this 👉 Link

$BNI pool at this 👉 Link

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