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Analysis on: Why we have chosen Trust.Market as the place where the #Evoluzionists will be born

For a NFT project the Marketplace on which they are going to be minted and listed for the first time is a key topic and needs to be carefully researched and aligned with the project's long term goals. Important factors such as security, user experience and reputability of the already achieved work are key criteria that need to be scrutinized.

The Elrond Network is in a continuous flourishing period, especially next to the tech innovations: the Elrond NFT sector is increasing drastically. Among the most important players in the ecosystem Trust Staking has developed besides their staking infrastructure the Trust.Market. Their initiative is one of the earliest moves in this direction and one that has gathered the most attention while proving itself secure and reliable. On top of this the NFT Marketplace has achieved some of the most impressive milestones in the Elrond space: they have implemented a minting platform and hosted the first NFT collection. Right now they have numerous valuable listed collections such as Stramosi, eGirls, Undead, Gnogons, Emidas and many other important names.

The team members of the Trust Market play an important role in driving the innovation and encouraging the growth of the ecosystem. Led by Mihai Eremia, Trust Staking CEO, the Trust Ecosystem has been expanded in several directions: starting with the staking provider services and stretching to NFT platforms where you can mint, explore and transact Non-Fungible-Tokens. They have continuously put effort in improving and offering more capabilities. Their minting Smart Contract is intuitive and easy to use since they have put effort into embedding the tech part into a very user-friendly interface: with a few clicks you already will go through the majority of the minting procedure. For NFT creators and developers they also offer a playground on Devnet to test the functionalities, which is a real help in going through the process before launching on Mainnet.

Besides this, we at Evoluzion believe in the long term expansion of the Elrond Network and ecosystem including dApps such as Maiar Exchange. We have taken the initiative of accepting $LKMEX and $MEX in the Presale and what we appreciate at Trust.Market is that they have taken the same direction and enabled the capability of accepting $LKMEX. We applaud this simple and valuable integration which is one of the first ones taken by a Marketplace.

“Trust.Market is most aligned with our long-term thinking and vision. We believe that this is only day one of the Trust ecosystem: the team has already realised several important milestones and has proven itself secure, reliable and willing to constantly improve. These are exactly the fundamentals that we seek at our partners with which we would like to work and they have played a crucial role in our choice to select Trust.Market as the place where our #Evoluzionists are going to be born.”, said Evoluzion Champ, Head of Business and Strategy at Evoluzion Life.

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