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Evoluzion Life NFT as Grand Prize in Effort Economy tournaments and present across its platforms

Online gaming has been greatly levelled up with the integration of Blockchain technology. Increased use cases palette, native gaming economics, incentivization programs and solid tangible financial implications are just some of the breakthroughs that are now tools in the hands of the gaming developers.

The Effort Economy is a proof of this concept, that is also combining all of the above mentioned innovations on top of well managed social dynamics adaptations of their ecosystem. The Philippine-based economy is developing several applications such as Bengga, Effort Wallet, PassFlash, T6 League and Effort Gateway that all embody the principle of the Effort Economy, which is to supply tokens to the mass and underserved markets. The Economy has already achieved a threshold of 100.000 downloads of the Bengga app while this has been limited to only strategic regions. Thus, a rapid increase is being expected once all these features and platforms are going to be accessible by the rest of the world.

As mentioned, Blockchain is a key component in this ecosystem setup and not only aligns the incentives of the stakeholders but it also a means of increasing adoption velocity, while the hot topic of Play-to-Earn model is embedded in the middle of the whole concept. Besides the token economics, clear use cases of the NFT tech can be also identified across the platforms. Thus, rewards, ranks and grades are marked though special edition Non-Fungible-Tokens. Exactly this is aimed through the Effort integration of the Evoluzion Life NFT collection on Elrond Network: a completion recognition of some important tournaments.

“Evoluzion.Life is a project that we are excited to collaborate with in the Effort Economy. It’s a project that we believe will get our community excited and push forward with bringing NFTs onboard the economy. ” said Troy Serafica, Effort Token creator.

“Effort Economy is building a network of powerful applications and platforms that are capable of unleashing big movements. Glad that Evoluzion is making part of this big social impact initiated by the Effort Team and am glad to see a few of our NFT’s integrated on the Effort Economy and seen accomplishment marks.” said Evoluzion Champ, Head of Business & Strategy at Evoluzion.

About Evoluzion.Life

Evoluzion.Life is a next level NFT collection bridging Art and Tech. It offers the Evolutionist title, associated visionary traits, all together with perks and advantages across the vast Evoluzion universe. It represents not only the avatar but also the lifestyle of a like-minded group keen on evolving, delivering and improving. A dream being delivered in real time with an expanding roadmap and tremendous goals to attain: Together- we evolve.

About Effort Economy

The Effort Economy will smoothly and naturally bridge the gaps between consumers, corporations, apps, brands, cryptocurrency adoption, and market outreach irrespective of industry or use case. It is pioneering the “Effort2Earn” category of applications that will serve as the natural bridge between digital and traditional actions to the Metaverse.

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