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Evoluzion Life will get to life on Trust.Market

The NFT space on Elrond Network is in a continuous flourishing period. Among the most important players in the ecosystem Trust Staking has developed besides their staking infrastructure services the Trust.Market. Their initiative is one of the earliest moves in this direction and one that has gathered the most attention while proving itself secure and reliable.

Here at Evoluzion.Life our main priority is the security of the users, the experience as a whole and the growth of the ecosystem. Based on exactly these criteria, we have chosen Trust.Market as home of our project and the place where the #Evoluzionists are going to be born. We have carefully analysed all the curent solutions on the market and from the existing platforms, we found Trust.Market as most aligned with our aims and goals. Besides this, all the research that we have done is going to be transformed into an analysis paper containing our arguments for choosing Trust.Market as our Launchpad.

Important Information about the Launch

- Evoluzion Official Launch is going to take place on the 29th December at 4PM UTC.

- The listing price at the launch is going to be 0.5 $EGLD - as the first batch.

- There are going to be 2 subsequent batches at the price of 0.7 $EGLD and 1 $EGLD.

- $USDC, $MEX and $LKMEX are going to be also accepted

"After a careful analysis - we have decided that Trust.Market is most aligned with our long term vision and goals. It is the marketplace that for sure will significantly positively impact our growth and ecosystem. Besides this we envision long term potential in our collaboration with Trust Staking.", said Evoluzion Champ, Head of Business Development and Strategy at Evoluzion Life.

“ Elrond Network opens the high throughput for the NFT ecosystem and as a marketplace we aim to be an important part of the building of the Elrond NFT space. We believe that via our platform the Elrond NFT adoption will accelerate. We are glad to onboard more and more projects coming on the Elrond ecosystem. Evoluzion is one of the well branded NFT projects that successfully mixes tech knowledge with the 3D art industry. “, said Ulyana, Head of Marketing and Communication at Trust Staking.

About Trust Staking

Trust Staking uses top hosting providers to ensure and have perfect availability for the staking infrastructure offered to delegators. Having a good balance between performance and cost, Trust Staking strives to offer the optimal earnings for customers. The first thing that will make Trust successful is the obsessive-compulsive focus on the customer.

About Evoluzion Life

Evoluzion.Life is a next level NFT collection bridging Art and Tech. It offers the Evolutionist title, associated visionary traits, all together with perks and advantages across the vast Evoluzion universe. It represents not only the avatar but also the lifestyle of a like-minded group keen on evolving, delivering and improving. A dream being delivered in real time with an expanding roadmap and tremendous goals to attain: Together- we evolve.

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