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Increased Interoperability through bridge for Evoluzion Life NFT collection

The bridges built on top of Blockchain architectures have the role of transferring assets between multiple protocols with different building blocks, rules and governance models. This is exactly what the team has achieved while specializing in the NFT sector. It bridges most of the high-importance chains such as Elrond, Ethereum, Binanace Smart Chain, Polygon and several others.

In this instance, Evoluzion is building its NFT collection and tech projects on top of Elrond Network, as Home of its ecosystem, but also aims at offering its users access to cross-chain opportunities. Most attained application of this bridge integration is to seek early interactions with other platforms on other chains while they are in development to be merged on Elrond Network. This is the case with our collaboration with GamyFi too, a fantasy games platform that is working on implementing the Elrond standard, but so far to prioritize the work the bridge is playing a crucial role. Furthermore, other such collaborations in the pipeline are going to rely on this particular solution.

The integration is straightforward and is going to be achieved after the official launch in Mid-Late December 2021. Since the has constructed their solution as practically an out of the box product - ready to be integrated. In order to extend DeFi opportunities, enable integrations or give access to a new critical user base, the NFT developers should just integrate into the infrastructure and connect to API for multi-chain mechanics.

As from the economics perspective - the implication of the increased interoperability not only spreads the #Evoluzion projects across other communities - but it also offers the owners of the NFTs opportunities to interact seamlessly with most major protocols - from NFT marketplaces and gaming platforms to DeFi NFT lending and borrowing dApps.

“We envision this integration as an increase in interoperability bringing tangible value to the users. Building all our projects on the Elrond infrastructure at internet scale, our NFTs are going to be accessible to more people, on more platforms while the utility will receive more building blocks to develop itself on. ”, said Evoluzion Champ, Head of Business & Strategy at Evoluzion

“The partnership with Evoluzion is one of the key steps on the road to building the largest NFT dApp ecosystem. The marketplace will pave the way for a constellation of multi-chain NFT dApps built using the bridge.”, said Nir Blumberger, Founder and CEO of XP Network.

About is the first comprehensive cross-chain bridging solution designed specifically for NFTs. It allows sending minted NFTs between more than 10 chains in seconds – for instance, transferring an Ethereum, BSC or Solana based non-fungible asset to Elrond.

The true power of lies in the fact that it can be integrated with any blockchain network, regardless of the type of virtual machine and programming language it uses. The project’s ultimate vision is to build a unified future.

About Evoluzion.Life

Evoluzion.Life is a next level NFT collection bridging Art and Tech. It offers the Evolutionist title, associated visionary traits, all together with perks and advantages across the vast Evoluzion universe. It represents not only the avatar but also the lifestyle of a like-minded group keen on evolving, delivering and improving. A dream being delivered in real time with an expanding roadmap and tremendous goals to attain: Together- we evolve.

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